Founder Sean O

Welcome to our website. We are just getting things off the ground and running. We believe there is a true need out there for our military.There are 603 U.S. military installations around the world. Our goal is to get at least 1 Independent Baptist Church per military installation added to our directory.We are here to help provide military men and women a website where they can find a good King James Independent Baptist church at their current or next duty location. There are also many churches who have veterans or friends which are serving our country. If your church is interested in being added to the website we ask for a one time registration of $20 to cover the cost of the website. For $20 this will help support a website that will bring new members to your church that serve our military. To sign your church up click on contact add your church. Thanks and God bless. Psalms 122:1 Brother Sean O'Malley 706-405-8134